3 Things You Must Do When Selling Your Home

Everyone’s home selling experience is unique. No two sellers have the same story! We all run into different obstacles; some houses take longer to sell than others, due to condition, location or perhaps because they appeal to a specific buyer which limits your pool of potential buyers. Others are sold in a matter of days…the list goes on and on. And even though certain times of the year are busier than others, the ever-changing market is not always the most predictable. However, regardless of these unique experiences, there are three things you must do when selling your home.

1 – Hire the Right Real Estate Agent

The first thing you must do when selling your home is find the right real estate agent. You may be thinking, “Won’t any ol’ real estate agent do? There’s certainly a large selection of locals to choose from—surely any one of them will work.” Not necessarily. You’ll want to do plenty of research and review how they market their properties. Do they offer professional photography and are they experienced in marketing? Ask them about their responsiveness. Even chat with several of them before deciding with which agent to list your home. You will have a gut feeling on who is right for you. 

We know it sounds like a lot of work, but in the end, it’s worth it. The right real estate agent will know your region’s market the best. And they will be able to guide you steadily through the process of selling your home. They’ll also have extensive marketing know-how and will match your home with buyers most likely to buy. Be sure to look for an agent that is professional, yet friendly and has a good reputation with other local agents. All of this takes a tremendous amount of stress off your shoulders knowing that your home and the home marketing and selling process is in good hands. 

2 – Price Your Home Correctly

The next thing you must do is price your home correctly—how do you do that, anyway?

An agent with The Smith Home Team will come out to your home in order to determine its value. Along with examining your home’s structure, condition, and overall property, they’ll consider other aspects like zoning, location, marketability, etc. Once a baseline estimate of what you might sell your home for is determined, we will help you determine a price that is based on the market, the competing inventory and your timeframe and motivations to sell.

Your agent should also discuss the appraisal and lending process with you. A home that is priced too high may not appraise for the selling price. And the bank will not lend to home buyers more than what your home is appraised for. Your agent must be experienced enough to review offers and make a recommendation when the time comes as to whether you should accept the offer presented or counter its terms. Your real estate agent with The Smith Home Team will be able to set a price that is both fair and reasonable for everyone—the buyer, the bank, and you, the seller.

3 – Stage and Prep Your Home for Sale

One more thing you need to do when selling your home is stage and prep it. We’ve talked previously about de-personalizing and removing anything that makes the home feel too uniquely yours. This is often a bit of an emotionally trying endeavor, especially if you are attached to your home and belongings. However, going through the process of staging and prepping your home may help you to mentally prepare to let it go when the time comes.

Even as you de-personalize, you’ll still want to stage your home with the basics. It’s hard for buyers to visualize living in their new house without furniture and decor! Just make sure it’s very neutral and minimal. For example, take down personal family photos, but leave up commonplace decorative artwork.

The right agent has experience in prepping a home for sale and in home staging  and they can help you best determine your home’s selling price and stage it for sale. The agents with The Smith Home Team have tremendous experience and professional training in home staging. If you’re selling a home in the Gold Country, we’re the right agents for you! Give Team French a call at (209) 303-7637 or email us at teamfrenchsells@gmail.com. Talk soon!

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