3 Tips for Getting Involved in the Gold Country Community

Moving to your new home in the Gold Country community is exciting in many ways. And the local culture is something that makes the area so special. Here, you will be welcomed into a community of friendly, hospitable people who will soon begin to feel like family. We at Team Shelby French are excited to help you start getting involved in the Gold Country Community with these three tips!

Talk to the Locals!

The folks in Gold Country are uniquely friendly and helpful! Unlike in the city, you will find that the people here are happier and friendlier everywhere you go in the Gold Country community.

Your neighbors can become like family and you will run into them often. People you meet out at local shops, out on trails, or at events are usually eager to tell you about the community, answer questions about the area, and maybe form a lasting connection with you.

Personal referrals are more important here than they would be in the city; a small-town feel means that the community relies on person-to-person relationships. Take advantage of the small-town culture and talk to everyone you meet! Making personal connections is the best way to quickly become familiarized with the local people and culture.

Join Groups and Clubs

Easily involve yourself in the Gold Country community and make friends by joining local groups or volunteering. There are many smaller and more intimate churches in the Sierra Foothills where acquaintances can soon become lifelong friends. There are also more recreational groups available in the Gold Country for your specific interests. You can find plenty of unique clubs and groups here, such as geology, bocce ball, art or quilting, bird watching, or museum docents! Join a club related to one of your esoteric hobbies, or pick up a new one!

Get active with a hiking or biking group, and make a habit of socializing while you exercise! Doing this will give you plenty of opportunities to stay fit, build relationships, and explore the beauty of our local natural resources. Tell us what your interests or hobbies are and we will connect you with some wonderful organizations and community leaders!

Attend Events in the Area

Gold Country is rich with local events to attend. Meet people and learn more about the area and the local culture by exploring nearby farmers’ markets, arts and craft fairs, and historical events. Farmers’ markets are pretty common in Gold Country culture. Find out when and where your local farmers’ markets are. And get fresh, local produce, honey, baked goods, and more from vendors in your area. It’s a good opportunity to support local businesses, but also to get to know the people in your community.

Learn about the history of the area by visiting historical parks and museums, as well as events celebrating the local history. They don’t call it Gold Country for no reason! Checking out events in your area is a great way to immerse yourself in the culture and history of the Sierra Foothills. You’ll also support local businesses, and meet members of the community. Subscribe to your local visitors bureau email newsletter and they will keep you well informed of the happenings. 

As you meet people, join groups and organizations that interest you, and attend local events, you will soon come to find that you are already a part of the community! Welcome to your new home in Gold Country! To learn more about buying a home in Gold Country with Team French, or for ways to get more involved reach out to us at (209) 303-7637 or teamfrenchsells@gmail.com.

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