5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Angels Camp

Angels Camp is a historical mining town with rich history, beautiful natural scenery. And, of course, the Calaveras County Fair and Jumping Frog Jubilee. We at Team French and The Smith Home Team are Your Guides to Gold Country Living. And Sarah and I are based here in Angels Camp! Here are five reasons to fall in love with Angels Camp, California.

Leave “The Big City” for “The Little City”

Angels Camp is Calaveras County’s only incorporated city, but it sure doesn’t feel like one! Angels Camp features a small-town community with plenty of beautiful outdoor spaces for recreation, and rich Gold Rush history. Get away from the traffic, crowds, and stress of a big city and take a breath of fresh air in “The Little City”. While Angels Camp feels remote and peaceful, there is still plenty of shopping and dining and activities in town.

Choose to live “In Town” or “In the Country”

You truly get the best of both worlds here. Angels Camp has plenty of great neighborhoods with new or historic homes. Yet you can take a short drive, blink, and you’re in rural Calaveras. If you enjoy having a more suburban community, you can choose a home in one of Angels Camp’s neighborhoods. If you like the idea of living in the historic section and being a part of the downtown vibe, historic Angels Camp can offer some unique homes. But they don’t pop up often so you will want us to be on the lookout. And if you prefer a more maintained neighborhood then Angel Oaks might be for you.

Angel Oaks is an established and well maintained city with a neighborly feel. Country Estates offers affordable homes in a gated community close to the Hwy 4 and 49. Of course Greenhorn Creek is lovely and offers higher end homes with amenities to choose from with a club membership to access the pool or fitness center or golf. If you prefer to have more space from your neighbors and more land on your property, buy a home out “in the country”. Known as Bar XX or Circle XX, these outlining areas are 10-20 minutes from town. And many of the properties are on 20 acre parcels and are dotted with working ranches and beautiful private country estates. Either location offers great proximity to visit local wineries, golf courses, museums, shops, and restaurants in town. Or head out and explore the natural beauty of the area by hiking or river rafting! 

Mining History

Angels Camp was a center during the Gold Rush. At the Angels Camp Museum, you can learn about the local Gold Rush history and see artifacts such as carriages and gold pans used at the time. You can also try panning for some gold of your own! If you are considering a home in Angels Camp, be sure to visit The Angels Camp Museum. There, you can learn more about our unique town and history during your home search. You will have a new appreciation and feel instantly connected to your new community! Downtown Angels Camp and many of the homes in Angels Camp maintain the history of the town with the original or similar architecture from the Gold Rush. In our historical district downtown you will find many unique shopping options as well as dining options to check out. 

Natural Features and Outdoor Recreation

Here’s another reason to fall in love with Angels Camp. The area is surrounded by beautiful rolling hills and protected wildlife. New Melones Lake, a large reservoir, is located just south of Angels Camp. There are trails, a campground, and a marina at the Glory Hole Recreation Area on the north side of the lake. Enjoy camping, kayaking, hiking, fishing, and swimming at New Melones Lake. And enjoy trails and the natural scenery of Calaveras County.

The Home of Calaveras County’s Biggest Attraction

Angel’s Camp hosts the Calaveras County Fair and Jumping Frog Jubilee. The Calaveras County Fair, held every May, is good old-fashioned fun. With a rodeo, indulgent fair food, animals, live entertainment, and local food and drink, the family is bound to have a good time. But the star of the show is the Jumping Frog Jubilee, a tradition started from Mark Twain’s first well-known essay, “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County.”

In this story, Twain tells of a man in “the ancient mining camp of Angel’s” who trained a frog and made a bet that his frog could “outjump any frog in Calaveras county”. Now, every year, at the Jumping Frog Jubilee, people come from all over Calaveras County and farther to enter into the International Frog Jumping competition. You don’t have to be experienced to enter. Anyone and even the little ones in your family can become a “frog jockey”. We encourage all our new buyers who have recently “found home” in Gold Country to come out to the fair and join in the experience of jumping a frog. It is one of the most unique experiences and again, a great way to feel connected to your new community. 

There are so many reasons to fall in love with Angels Camp. And we would love to help you get to know our area more! Team French is here to give you a friendly introduction to Gold Country living and help with all your real estate needs in Angels Camp. Contact us at (209) 303-7637 or teamfrenchsells@gmail.com to to make the Gold Country your new home.

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