5 Tips for a Live Virtual Open House

Holding a live virtual open house is a great way to showcase your home to potential buyers while catering to their comfort and time constraints and to reach more people online than in person. And more remote ways of doing things might stick since everyone has become accustomed to Zoom meetings and virtual appointments. Why make the trip when buyers can tour your home virtually? Here are some of the ways we promote and host our live virtual open houses to help make them successful.

Social Media Promotion

The first thing we do to make your virtual open house a success is to promote it just as you would an in-person open house. We post some of your best photos of the property with the date and time along with a link to join the virtual meeting. We create the open house as an event and invite our followers, friends and local agents to “attend” the event live on Facebook. This helps Facebook rank it higher in the news feed showing it to more people potentially. 

Timing of the Open House

We hold your virtual open house during the times of the day that might show your home in the best light. If it’s the early morning filtered l for just as long as you would any other open house. Take time to show all the features in each room of the house, and pause and allow potential buyers to ask questions. Consider having multiple virtual tours on the days when you host them, to accommodate guests who are available at different times.


Staging your home for a virtual tour will be much the same as staging for a conventional open house, with a few small differences. Of course, we ask our sellers to make sure the home is clean, organized, and minimalized. Make the place spotless! Remove clutter from countertops, shelves, tables, and other surfaces. You want to show off the house, so make sure you don’t have anything distracting from the beautiful features of the property! Remove personal items such as family photos, and neutralize your decor (no orange walls!).

Make sure your pets (and all signs of them) are out of sight during the walkthrough. Lastly, we let sunlight in and turn on everything in the home: the lights, fans, fireplace, and any other features of the home you want to show off. We do everything we can to make the property look clean, organized, neutral, and inviting!

It’s a virtual open house so we have time to fill and want to keep people engaged and interested so we might even end the live open house by pulling some fresh baked cookies out of the oven to showcase the fabulous kitchen or ending with a little sunset glass of wine on the patio or deck to set the mood for the peaceful surroundings and outdoor living. 

Recording Your Video Walkthrough

There are a few things we keep in mind when recording your virtual open house, whether it is live or pre-recorded. We use our smartphone on a wand which allows less shaking. We might utilize the wide-angle lens to help give a broader view of the space, and make rooms or space look more spacious.

In addition, we pay attention to lighting and angles and let in as much natural light as possible, and we turn on all the lights in the house. Lastly, we are aware of the motion while we record and use slow, steady movements so that it is easy and enjoyable for viewers to see every part of the home.

During our live video walkthrough, we will encourage our virtual guests to interact with us and ask questions as we guide them through the open house. We are sure you allow time to talk with potential buyers throughout the tour and are as friendly as we would be if they were walking them through the home physically!

Publish The Video Tour

After our live virtual walkthrough, we publish the footage online! We save the video and upload it to YouTube and we publish it to Facebook and Instagram. This will maximize the viewership online and help people find the recording days and weeks after the live open house. 

These are just some of the ways we offer our sellers additional marketing value and help get our properties sold. Our realtors with The Smith Home Team and Team French can help with every step in the process of selling your home. Contact us at (209) 303-7637 or teamfrenchsells@gmail.com to get started!

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