Where is the best place to buy a vacation home in Calaveras County, California?

Ready to get away? Purchasing a vacation home can make this possible anytime you’d like! Just pack your bags and take a retreat from the hustle and bustle of life. But choosing just the right place to own a vacation house is critical since you will be making it your home away from home. At Team French, we believe Calaveras County is one of the best places to own a vacation home. There’s a reason we call it home ourselves! With great towns, beautiful views, and tons of things to keep you busy, you will love spending your time in Calaveras County! 

So, if you’re wondering, “Where is the best place to buy a vacation home in Calaveras County, California?” we can help! With our experience in real estate and vast familiarity with the area, Team French will serve as your guide to Gold Country to help you find the perfect vacation home.

Angels Camp

Take one look at downtown Angels Camps and you’ll be ready to move! This town radiates charm and small town kindness. When you have a vacation home in Angels Camp, you will regularly enjoy walking around the quaint shops found downtown and eating at the local dining options. Those who live in Angels Camp are proud to call it home, just as you will be if you choose Angels Camp for your vacation home. 


Team French isn’t the only one advocating for Murphys as a great place to live. Forbes magazine named it as a town you do not want to miss. One of the great draws about Murphys is the large number of amazing vineyards and wine tasting rooms. If you call Murphys your home away from home, you can enjoy frequent visits to the beautiful vineyards and enjoy some of the best wine in the Sierra Foothills on a regular basis.


Copperopolis is as unique as the name implies. With a history in copper mining, this small town has a beautiful and clean downtown area with historic accents. Copperopolis Town Square is pedestrian friendly, making it easy for you to stroll the area with your loved ones. You can also enjoy breathtaking views over Lake Tulloch from town. (Or even from your vacation home if you choose a home on or near the lake!)


For an all in one vacation home location, you might consider Arnold. Arnold has a rural feel to it with tons of hiking, close proximity to skiing, and many other outdoor activities to keep you busy. Though more rustic, it also has plenty of big city amenities and some of the friendliest people to call neighbors. 

No matter where you decide to purchase a vacation home in Calaveras County, you will be thrilled to make regular visits and call the Gold Country your home away from home! If you are ready to start searching for the perfect vacation home, reach out to Team French. We can help you get to know more about the different communities in the area. We will also help you decide on the best place to buy a vacation home in Calaveras County. Contact us today to get started with finding your new vacation home! 

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