Best Time of Year to Buy a House in the Gold Country

The demand for homes in Gold Country is high year-round. Many people are leaving metropolitan areas in favor of a slower, more peaceful life in the beautiful Sierra Foothills. There are more prospective buyers looking for a home here in Gold Country than there are homes available for sale, but our team at Shelby French is here to help you find your dream home and determine when the best time is for you to buy a house in the Gold Country.

The Market is Most Active in Spring and Early Summer

The real estate market picks up in spring and lasts through summer for a few reasons. First, many families want to move and settle into a new home before the start of a new school year in the fall. Also, the climate conditions are especially ideal for showing homes in the spring. The greenery, landscaping, and surrounding area is most likely to be healthy and blooming in the spring and summer, and the warm weather is appealing for buyers attending open houses. 

The demand is high during peak season, which makes the market more competitive. But the advantage of the peak season is that there may be more options! If you are prepared to move quickly and compete for a home, the spring/summer season may be the ideal time for you and your family to buy a house in Gold Country. More options means that the likelihood of finding your dream home, with all the features that are important to you, is high during peak season!

If you want to shop for a home during the summer, but want to save some money, consider looking for a home at the end of summer. Sellers are likely to lower prices and become more motivated to sell a home at the end of the peak season.

The Market Slows Down in Fall and Winter 

Come the end of summer, the market starts to calm down, and prices begin to drop. Competition is lower, so the search for a home is not quite as demanding or fast-paced. The trade-off you make when shopping in the off-season is that there may be fewer options available. 

Buying a home in the fall or winter is a good option for you if you are not in a hurry to buy, you want to save some money, and you are open to buying a home that might not have all the features that are ideal for you. It is still possible to find an exact match in the off-season, but keep in mind that the selection will be more limited. The good news is that come fall and winter, some homes that might have gone on the market late or were priced to high start to come down in price in order to get sold before the even slower winter months hit. This is a great time to buy since traditionally the buyer competition also diminishes as people get more focused on back to school or the holidays. 

Your Needs and Preferences Matter Most

The time of year should not be the sole factor in deciding when to buy a home in Gold Country. Our inventory in Gold Country is not as abundant as other areas so finding the right home or property takes patience and perseverance. A house is likely the biggest investment you will make, and you should be fully prepared and have a well thought-out plan. Consulting with Team French early in the process can help with that!

So, when is the best time to buy a house in Gold Country? The answer is: when you’re ready! The market does go through seasonal changes, but your personal needs and readiness will contribute immensely to the timing of buying your new home. Whenever you decide to move forward, let us help you! Team French is here to help you assess your options and lead you through the process of finding and purchasing a house in Gold Country. We look forward to talking to you! Give us a call at (209) 303-7637 or send us an email at

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