Checklist for Selling Your Home in 2022

The holiday season continues as we put away the Christmas decor and jot down our New Year’s Resolutions. And if selling your Gold Country home is one of your resolutions, Team French is here to help! Start with this checklist for selling your home in 2022.

Hire a Realtor

At Team French, we know the ins and outs of the selling process. Because of our expertise, we will ensure you don’t skip over any important steps, help you simplify the process, and make the experience as worry-free as possible. Additionally, as your agent, we will give you valuable and truthful feedback to help you sell your house quickly. 

Deep Clean

Time for the elbow grease! Potential buyers will be looking at every nook and cranny of your home, and you don’t want them finding an off-putting mess. Hiring a professional cleaning team can take this burden off you and put fresh eyes on dirty spots you might be overlooking. If you’d prefer to do this yourself, great! Schedule a day to dedicate to this task. If you would like some help, we work with cleaners and would be happy to help schedule someone for you. 

Less is More

Decluttering now rather than later accomplishes two important things. First, when it comes to showing a home, less is more. A decluttered room appears more spacious and allows the potential buyer to dream of how their things would fit in the space. Second, decluttering reduces the things that need to be moved after you sell your home. Get rid of the things you never use, the clothes you never wear, and the toys that are no longer played with. You are moving anyway so now is the time to edit and start packing. 

Repair or Renovate

If you are like most homeowners, you already have a mental list of small repairs you’ve been wanting to tackle. Now is the time to check some of those off the list. While you don’t want to invest lots of money into this, a few small repairs or renovations will pay off in the end. Consider things like repainting walls to neutral colors, replacing dated cabinet handles, or switching out a light fixture.

Add Lighting

A bright room is more inviting to a potential buyer. This could be as simple as adding a lamp or even switching out yellow light bulbs for brighter white ones. 

High Quality Photos

Many potential buyers will first gain interest in your home by looking at photographs. Don’t lose could-be buyers because of low quality photos! A professional real estate photographer knows how to take photos that will have the viewer wanting more information and we work with the best and can offer video tours and 3D tours. 

Consider a Pre-Listing Inspection

At Team French, we highly recommend this step!  A potential buyer will see that your house has recently passed inspections and will feel more confident moving forward with you. 

Give it a Homey Touch

A potential buyer is looking for a house to make their home. So, add that homey touch. What will the potential buyer first see, smell, or hear? Perhaps add a house plant, fresh cut flowers, or a pleasant smelling candle. 

Consider Staging 

A staging company can be a great option for many people. They not only take care of all the furniture details for you, they also will arrange your house in an ideal way that can increase a buyer’s love for the house. We work with local stagers but we also have experience in staging and we can create a complete plan for you to help you maximize your home’s potential. 

Don’t Forget the Outdoors

Blooming outdoor plants, fresh cut grass, and tidy patio furniture all add to the charm of a house. Just the opposite is true as well. An unkempt yard, deck, or patio could scare off a potential buyer. Edit old yard piles, rake and remove leaves and leaf litter and add some pops of color where you can. Buyer often count a pleasing outdoor space among one of the most important aspects of a new home. 

If your plans for 2022 include selling your home, let us help you now. Do not wait until you think you are ready to list to have a consultation. We can help you with an action plan to make sure when the optimum time comes you are most prepared. And if you plan to continue to call Gold Country home, we can help you find your next perfect house as well. We are here to serve you as your guide to Gold Country living. Contact Team French today!

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