If It’s Broke, Scuffed, Disheveled, or Grody – Fix It!

Are you selling a home that’s unintentionally a “bit of a fixer-upper”? Or maybe its just a bit tired because you have been busy living, working or raising a family and those deferred maintenance issues that you never have time to fix are piling up in order.  In a realistic real estate market, a renovation project only attracts certain buyers. And even first-time renovators can easily be swayed away from a house with too much work. So our advice: if it’s broke, gross, or just plain unsightly, fix it.

Following up on our previous blog, “How to Get Your Home Ready to Sell,” we wanted to continue providing you with in-depth information on prepping your house for the real estate market. Along with general decluttering and de-personalizing, there are some minor home repairs and updates you should do to up your home’s selling potential.

Some projects will even boost the value of your home, so if you can afford it, they are an excellent investment to make when prepping your home for sale. You’ll definitely want to take care of this before the realtor takes professional listing pictures, does some virtual tours or sets up some showing requests with buyers.

There’s even a few small affordable projects you can do yourself if you’re handy enough!

Paint Walls

Giving them a fresh coat of paint covers old scuff marks and makes a room feel new. Sticking to a neutral palette will give your home a clean feel and make it feel fresh while hiding all those scuff marks we all live with. If you home lacks personality maybe adding an eye-catching trendy rich color (especially for an accent wall) can pay off, too. Pro tip from us: ask the pros! When you buy paint, ask the paint shop professionals which colors are currently the top sellers in the designer market. That will show you what paint color is the most popular!


Remember how we said trimmed bushes and trees make a home feel lighter? Add to the well-kept appearance by giving it a boost of curb appeal. Regularly rake up leaves, sweep sidewalks, and blow off driveways. Plant cheerful flowers! If you lack a green thumb, go with something easy like petunias, primrose or lavender which offer great colors and require very little maintenance aside from occasional watering. And even adding some mulch to the bare ground is enough to give your yard a cleaned-up and maintained look.

Caulk and Grout

Areas like bathrooms and kitchens can get grody-looking more than many other spaces in a home. First, try doing a deep scrubbing on tiles, sinks, and tubs to clean the appearance up a bit. If that isn’t enough, fix it. Touch it up with a fresh coat of caulk and grout.

Replace Window Screens

If you can handle it, replace the windows, too! If that’s a little beyond your DIY expertise, replacing window screens is the next best thing, especially if you have any screens that are damaged and torn. Plus, it’s an easy project to do!

If anything else needs to be done to your home beyond that, it’s time to get help from the experts. Ask us for recommendations! We know many local home repair professionals, cleaning services and even professional organizers who will help you edit your belongings. Our resources are reliable and do quality work. And once all repairs and updates have been made, we can help you get your home ready to sell! Reach out to Team French today! Call us at (209) 303-7637 or email teamfrenchsells@gmail.com.

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