Is the Gold Country of California a Good Place to Retire?

Retirement is bliss: no alarms, no deadlines, no cares in the world. Just time with loved ones, hobbies, and enjoying the beauty of everyday life. Choosing a great place to retire is key to making the most of retirement. So, is the Gold Country of California a good place to retire? Absolutely, yes! Here are some reasons Team French believes the Gold Country is ideal for those looking for a great place to retire.

Great Neighborhoods for Retirees

You won’t be the first retiree to make the Gold Country your home. In fact, almost half of the community consists of retirees. As a result, the Gold Country has many amazing neighborhoods for retired couples and individuals. These neighborhoods have excellent amenities and benefits.

Enjoy walking trails, group activities, and water classes together with other retirees. If you’d like to learn more about these neighborhoods or begin searching for a home in the area, contact us at Team French. We can help you find the perfect place to call home in your retirement! 

Mild Weather

One of the Gold County’s greatest draws is the pleasant year-round weather. All four seasons are enjoyable! For one, summers are mild and a welcome change from the intense heat found in other parts of the state. Winter is also very nice with only occasional snow in most areas and/or short-lived cold weather. The weather alone is reason to move to Gold Country to enjoy your retirement!

Beautiful Scenery

In retirement, you can live anywhere. Therefore, live in a place that rejuvenates you with its beauty. The scenery found throughout the Gold Country is life-giving. Placid lakes, rolling hills, vineyards, mature forests, wildflowers: Gold Country is beautiful! Each day, you can take in the stunning views by hiking to a scenic outlook, driving through the countryside, or simply sipping coffee on your back deck. 

Friendly People

The people of the Gold County are as lovely as the scenery. When you retire here, you’ll enjoy getting to know new friends wherever you go. Expect to feel welcome as you make this area your new home. In fact this is the most common comment we hear from our buyers. They are often taken back by how friendly everyone is and how quickly they made friends!  

Great Destination for Visitors

Your friends and family will enjoy visiting the Gold Country when they travel to visit you. Gold Country has much to offer your visitors with endless outdoor activities, historic landmarks, and vineyards to enjoy. And you are just a few short hours away from the friends and family in the Bay Area or Sacramento regions. 

Easy Access to Major Cities

Many love the Gold Country for its small-town feel while still being so close to major cities. From the Gold Country, you can access the big cities of Sacramento, San Francisco, and San Jose,  among others, within a couple of hours. Easily access major airports, specialty stores, and other amenities of the big city. 

If you’re ready to make the Gold Country your home in retirement, Team French can help make it happen. We know the area and can help you find just the right community to call home. If you’d like to learn more about what makes the Gold County a good place to retire, or if you’re ready to start searching for the perfect home, contact us today! We’d love to be your guide to Gold Country living.

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