Most Popular Features Buyers Look for in a Home

When you’re getting ready to sell your home, it’s a good idea to learn about the trends and desirable home features in the current market. There may be qualities of your home that are major selling points to your buyers that you may not see as anything special. Let’s go over some of the most popular features current buyers look for in a new home.

Open Concept 

For years now, open concept layouts have been more desirable for home buyers and home owners. Many homeowners even remodel their homes by taking down walls to expand common spaces. Larger spaces allow for more natural light, more space for entertaining, and more creative freedom for arranging the space. If you have an open concept layout in the home you are selling, feature that as one of the first positive qualities of the home. Also make sure to show off the open space in photos and open houses. Try and remove anything that blocks any natural light and keep furniture to a minimum to help make the space look large with room to get around. 

Natural Light 

Natural light is very important to many people when choosing a place to live. The amount of natural light in a home can have an effect on a person’s mood, outlook, and even mental health. Be sure to open the shades and curtains of all your windows (and make sure they’re clean!) when you take photos and show the home. Use the words “natural light” or “sunlight” when advertising the space, and add in skylights or sun-tunnels if you can. 

Energy Efficiency

Not only is energy efficiency a money-saving feature, but many people are emotionally motivated to be more environmentally conscious. Advertise energy-efficient and water-efficient appliances, high-quality insulating windows and doors, solar panels, and any other “green” or efficient features in your home, if you have them. Many of these features can add significant value to your home, so don’t look over them when listing and showing the home! If you are confident your home is more energy efficient or if you have solar, pull 3 months work of PG&E statements for prospective buyers to review and have them ready for us when we list your home so we can show a buyer their prospective savings. 


Home buyers are always looking for storage space! Highlight the size of your garage, especially if it is a two-car garage or bigger, or if the property features multiple garages. Take good pictures of closet space, and point out the closet space during a showing. Sheds also provide valuable storage space for families looking for a new place to live. When showing the home, it is a good idea to take most of your belongings out of storage spaces, but to leave a few items in to showcase the use of the space without it being cluttered. Be sure and have closets appear tidy and pack away anything that does not need to be in immediate reach so your closets look more spacious and less cluttered. 

Special Features

If your home offers any of these features buyers look for, let’s highlight them! Point out any hidden or unique features when doing your walkthrough with us and we will be sure and write them in your home listing. We will also advertise and show off any upgrades or features of your home that you have loved. If your list of loved features is long, write about it and we will incorporate it into our marketing. People will love to hear about the wild turkeys that visit you in the morning, or the daffodils that pop up in the spring. Personal testimony goes a long way, and you can take advantage of this by telling potential buyers what you have loved most about the home while you lived there. 

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