New Techniques for Marketing Properties with Photos and Videos

Welcome to the new age of selling your home online! Advances that have come out over the years — from photo editing to 3D modelling to augmented reality — have provided the real estate industry with amazing new tools to market homes. These tools allow buyers to look extensively before they buy, or even before they walk through the door for a showing. As real estate agents, we are always looking for new tools that will boost the selling potential of a house to a home buyer, and I’d love to share a few with you! Nothing sells houses like great visuals, so check out these new techniques for marketing properties with photos and videos.

Virtual Home Staging and Clean Up

Advances in photo technology mean you no longer need to be an expert photographer to edit a photo. Now, there’s tons of photo editing software that’s easy to use and produces stunning results. Or if you really want a professional’s help to make your property photos shine, there’s an entire online network you can reach out to!

One of my favorites is Box Brownie, an online service company that offers expert help on residential real estate imagery, amongst a variety of other services. From photo editing to virtual staging, you can edit by removing or adding things from photos. That way you can show buyers what a home could be with a little clean up and the right decor.

Let’s say you’re selling a home with an abandoned swimming pool that has filled with brown water and garbage blown in from the wind and the surrounding landscape was dirt and weeds. We had one of those on a listing and it was pretty unsightly! It’ll be hard for buyers to look past that to see what the pool could be in their new backyard.

Tools like Box Brownie can edit out the brown water and replace it with clear, blue, refreshing water, making the pool look and feel brand new. It can even replace the dirt with green grass and add in patio furniture to showcase the potential for a backyard oasis.

And if you’re selling an unfurnished home, virtually stage it by editing in furniture in the photos! This will show what the room might look like furnished. 

3D Home Tours

Take potential buyers on a tour of a home without walking through the door! With an awesome tool like Matterport’s Cortex AI platform, turn your photos into an interactive 3D model! Cortex can identify objects in the rooms, stitch all of your scans together, and convert 360° panoramic images into 3D spaces, reconstructing your home into an immersive virtual tour.

This digital “dollhouse” lets viewers virtually explore the home, room by room. They can view from the outside looking in and get a full understanding of the layout. Or they can get a first-person perspective from within the home itself. It’s a really amazing, fun tool to use for showcasing a property! Check out this 3D tour used on one of our Murphys Listings. 3D Virtual Tour of 263 Wyldewood Dr, Murphys Ca

Digital Marketing for Properties

Now it’s time to put all that amazing imagery to work! Capture leads for your home by promoting your listing on Google and social media platforms. Not only does this promote your listing, but enticing photos and videos always gets visitors to click. That simple click allows you to remarket to them with even more alluring imagery. This keeps your property in the forefront of their home buying searches.

Encourage them to text or email you for more information through AI digital marketing and retargeting. This allows you to connect with leads digitally in a world where meeting in-person is not always possible.

Ready to market your home with top-notch techniques that will make your property stand out above the rest? I love finding new innovative ways to help homeowners sell houses, and I’d love to share my ideas with you! Contact me today (209) 303-7637 or email

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