Should I Keep My Home Listed for Sale Through Winter?

Spring is typically the best time to list your home for sale in the Gold Country. But what if your home is already listed, or you need to list it in winter? Due to the current housing market, it may be a good idea to keep your home listed through winter, despite the market slowing down a little (but not much). You may not think of winter as prime selling season in the real estate market. But there are a few advantages to selling your home in the off season. Here are a few reasons to keep your home listed for sale through winter.

Demand is Consistently High in the Gold Country

While the real estate market may drop a little in the cold months, demand will still be high in this area. Regardless of the time of year, you can pretty much count on there being more interested home buyers in Gold Country than there are homes on the market. It’s unlikely that you’ll be lacking in interested parties, even in the winter.

Fewer, but More Serious Buyers

The real estate market is typically most active in the spring and early summer, but there are also many more people looking who are not necessarily ready to buy. In the winter, most of the interested parties are serious about buying a home. You will have fewer people at open houses than you would in spring. But that can be a good thing because those who do come to see the home in the cold are more likely to be ready to make an offer.

Less Competition

In the height of peak real estate season, your home could get lost in the craziness of all the homes for sale. With your home listed in the winter it has a better chance to stand out and grab attention from prospective buyers. You won’t be competing against as many other sellers in the winter months. And your buyers will have fewer options, which will not only make their decision easier, but may make the process faster.

The Market is Calmer

If listing during the busy season seems overwhelming to you, selling in the winter might ease some of the stress. As we mentioned, there will still be demand and interest in your home. But there should be a little more breathing room.

Snow Can Add to the Beauty of the Property

A fresh blanket of snow makes your home look like a Christmas movie dream. If you keep the property free of brown sludge, the snow can hide imperfections in the yard and create a clean, crisp look. One of the beauties of the Gold Country is that we tend to get just enough snow to look pretty and usually not enough to be inconvenient. Take advantage of this and hold an open house after a fresh dusting of snow.

So don’t hesitate to list or keep your home listed in the winter! And remember that we at team Shelby French can help you every step of the way in the process of selling your home. Contact us for all your real estate needs in the California Gold Country! My daughter and I can’t wait to meet you and get started.

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