Listing Your Home for Sale PreListing Inspection

Learn why it’s important to have a pre-listing home inspection and the benefits it offers from the owner of Core Inspections in Tuolumne and Calaveras County. There are 3 reasons I like getting home inspection on my listings. #1 it helps my sellers realize the small things that need to be repaired and finds the big things that need attention or upgrading if you want to get top dollar on your home. #2 it removes the hesitations or barriers prospective buyers might have that may prevent them from making an offer. It offers them reassurance and often times the work a home might need is actually less expensive than they might anticipate. #3 Having a pre-inspection upfront and offering it to prospective buyers before they make an offer helps prevent them from asking for price reductions or requests for repairs which can sometimes kill a deal and turn the negotiations negatively. Sometimes a seller may feel forced to reduce the price or pay for repairs in order to keep the buyers in contract. Of course buyers are always encouraged to get their own inspections but this way the seller still retains transparency and control. If you want to learn more or schedule a pe-listing consultation, I would love to be Your Guide to Gold Country Living!