Why is Attending Community Events Important in a New Town?

Moving to a new town can bring many emotions: excitement, fear, refreshment, or maybe even utter exhaustion. Regardless of how you’re feeling, getting involved in the community can be an important step towards making your new town feel like home. Why is attending community events important in a new town? Here are some of the many benefits of getting involved with community events. 

Meeting the Neighbors is Important in a New Town

New house, new town, and new neighbors. A big part of feeling connected to your new community is to get to know your fellow townspeople. Neighbors don’t just lend you a cup of sugar when you need it, they become friends and can help you as you settle in a new place by offering information, tips, and referrals.

The Gold Country boasts many close-knit communities filled with wonderful people. It is easy to get to know people because a lot of the people you meet moved here for the same reasons as you so you will have instant commonality! By attending community events, you get to meet and make friends with these neighbors.

Giving Back is Important in a New Town

The local community has much to offer you and ways it benefits you. So finding ways to contribute back to your community is important. Even small events can have a big impact on the community. For example, attending even a small event supports the local vendors and small businesses, giving a boost to the local economy. 

Enjoying the Fun is Important in a New Town

Moving to a new place and taking care of all the many details can be exhausting and stressful. Take the time to let it all go for a few hours and attend a community event. Nothing wipes away stress like cheering on your favorite amphibian at the frog jumping competition. This is a must-do at the Jumping Frog Jubilee in Angels Camp during the Calaveras County Fair every May.

Let loose in Amador County during Jackson’s Dandelion Days. Enjoy local artisan vendors, live music, fresh eats, and an endearing sense of community. Make sure to attend the Spring Obsession Art Show at Ironstone Vineyard for gorgeous views of Gold Country’s famous wildflowers, a stunning display of over 500,000 tulips, bulbs and daffodils, and sample delicious wines. 

Learn About Your New Town While Attending Community Events

You can learn a lot about the local culture and way of life from a community event. Be ready to experience new things and embrace what you learn. In Calaveras County, stroll down the quaint main street shops after celebrating at the Murphys Irish Festival, green beer and all! Learn about the unique Gold Rush history of the Gold Country at the Old West Fest in Sonora. This community event promises saloon snacks, stagecoaches, maybe even a good old-fashioned shoot-out. 

Make the Holidays More Fun While Attending Community Events

The holidays can be a challenge when you first move to a new area. During the special seasons, we crave meaningful friendships and familiarity that a new town might not have for us yet. So, make new special memories by attending the unique local events in Gold Country. At Christmas, you can attend Caroling in the Caverns at Moaning Caverns in Vallecito. Or experience the Fourth of July like never before at Columbia’s Glorious Fourth of July Celebration

While you may be in a new town for now, attending community events help make it feel like home. If you’re looking to make the Gold Country home, Team French can help! Or if you’d like to learn more about the many amazing festivals and events in the area, let us serve as your guide to Gold Country living. Contact us today!

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