Why Listing Your Home Today May Be Better than Waiting

You may be wondering when it’s the right time to list your home for sale in the Gold Country. If you ask us here at Team French, that time is now. Listing your home today may be better than waiting, and here’s why:

Quicker Transactions

As of right now, there are fewer real estate transactions in the Gold Country than there will be later in the spring season. That means mortgage lenders have fewer loans to process, home inspectors have fewer inspections to do and appraisers are not quite so backed up. Overall, this means a much quicker transaction for you!

2020 saw many challenges getting homes closed in 30 days due to inspectors and appraisers booked out too far. With remote work on the rise, our market was flooded with home buyers moving to the Gold Country to escape from congested cities. When you can now work from home, why not work in an idyllic rural California home instead of a cramped apartment? This trend slowed a bit through the fall and winter, but now that our spring is in full bloom, the foothills are green and the weather has begun to heat up again, so will our housing market.

Listing your home today before the busy season means less time for buyers to change their minds or find something else they love more. Overall, a quicker transaction when selling your home during the slow season is going to be less stressful for you.

Fewer (But Better!) Buyers

You may think that fewer buyers during a slow real estate season won’t benefit you when selling your home. But don’t let the fewer buyers discourage you! Though there may be fewer, they are almost always better.

Fewer buyers mean fewer showings. This also means fewer people stomping through your home, tracking dirt and mud all over your carpets as they peek in your cabinets and closets. This means fewer times you need to pick up the house, hide the litter box, and clear out of your home in the middle of making dinner. Selling a home is stressful enough – selling a home during a busy season is a lot more stressful than a slow season.

Plus, the buyers that are out there actively looking for properties in the off-season are your more serious buyers. They more often than not have a strong desire to make a move or immediate need to find a new home.

Lower Interest Rates

While interest rates are at an all-time low, mortgage lenders are predicting a small increase in interest rates towards the end of this year. Also, the ratio of home buyers to listings is at its peak, and more listings later mean more competition. The buyers that are actively looking today are the most motivated to purchase a home and often the most qualified. Take advantage of this period with lower interest rates offered to more serious home buyers. 

So, why wait till late spring or summer when more buyers flood the market who are just starting to look at homes and consider their move? Right now, you could be marketing to more serious, qualified buyers who are ready to buy a home or property now. When there is a shortage of choices but a plethora of buyers, a seller may experience multiple-offers from buyers who are hungry to beat the impending competition of buyers that are soon to come. With fewer options, the pickier buyer is more apt to forgo their “must-have” list and go after the new listing in town. Those are serious perks to listing your home today.

Ready to list your Gold Country home for sale now? Don’t wait! Give Team French a call today and we will prepare a market analysis and comparable report for you so you know exactly how much your home or property might sell for in today’s market. We will also give you a full detailed list of all the things you can do to ready your home for market and the tricks to getting top dollar and multiple offers. Call us today at (209) 303-7637 or email us at teamfrenchsells@gmail.com. We look forward to working with you!

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