Why You Should Buy a House in Amador County, California

Beauty, charm, and adventure: Amador County has it all!  Known by locals as “The Heart of the Mother Lode,” it is easy to see why residents are so thrilled to be living in Amador County. Located just 45 miles southeast of Sacramento, it allows for a quick trip to the big city while still having small town charm and amenities. If you are considering calling Amador County home, Team French would be happy to help you learn more about Amador County real estate. First, let us explain why you should buy a house in Amador County, California. 

Natural Beauty in Amador County

Amador County is absolutely beautiful! Nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, you will be in awe of the stunning scenery the area has to offer. In addition to mountains and great views, the rolling countryside is refreshing to drive through and studded with rolling vineyard views and majestic California oaks. Especially in the Spring as it explodes with colorful wildflowers flowers. Get your cameras ready, because the natural landscape of Amador County is stunning!

Amador County Wine Country

The wine country of Amador County – also known as Shenandoah Valley – is full of renowned vineyards offering world-class wines. When Amador County is your home, spend your free time at wine tastings, touring beautiful vineyards, and enjoying many local wine festivals.

The Amador Four Fires Festival is a spectacular event pairing local popular chefs and restaurateurs with local winemakers cooking on an open fire. Raise your glass to great times!

Amador County History

Amador County is rich in history dating back to the California Gold Rush and beyond. Dotted with charming towns like Sutter Creek and Volcano, Amador County has a deep history. Visit one of the history museums in various towns to learn more about your new community. If you prefer a more hands-on approach to history, take a gold mining tour and try your hand at striking it rich. 

Outdoor Fun in Amador County

If spending time outdoors is your thing, you have ample opportunities in Amador County! In the winter, there is excellent skiing, snowmobiling and other snowy activities. In warmer weather, camping and hiking options are unlimited. With many bodies of water throughout the county, you can spend time boating or fishing as well. And don’t forget to visit Black Chasm Cavern, a National Natural Landmark, where you can explore this vast cave filled with unique formations and learn more about the history of the region.

Local Community Events

As far as things to do, Amador County is not to be outdone. Enjoy a variety of concerts at local wineries and small amphitheaters or at one of the many music venues in downtown Sutter Creek. In addition you will find many different outdoor events, and festivals nearly every weekend. Keep an eye on the Amador County community events calendar to stay up-to-date on all the fun activities offered when you call Amador County home. 

Sierra Foothills Location

When you’d like to take a quick trip, Amador County is perfectly located for maximum enjoyment. Weekend trips are unlimited with Yosemite National Park, Sacramento, and San Francisco all within a few hours drive. It’s also only 45 minutes from big cities like Folsom or Elk Grove. However, the green hills of Jackson and the redwoods of Pioneer feel like you’re hours away from the city.

Amador County is no doubt a wonderful place to call home. With fun things to do, beautiful landscape, and charming people you will be happy to make the move. Would you like to learn more about why you should buy a house in Amador County, California? Contact Team French in Murphys today! We are the preferred real estate agents for Gold Country real estate. We can help you find the perfect house to make this area your home. Contact us today to get started! 

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