Why You Should Buy a House in Calaveras County, California

Looking to buy a house in a community that has it all? Look no further than Calaveras County, California! At Team French, we love Calaveras County and all it has to offer so much that we call it home ourselves. As your guide to Gold Country living, here is why we think you should buy a house in Calaveras County, California. 

Natural Offerings in Calaveras County

If you enjoy the outdoors, Calaveras County has plenty of natural beauty and activities to offer. The beautiful scenery offers miles and miles of trails for hiking or biking with breathtaking views. You might start with Calaveras Big Tree State Park or Arnold Rim Trail. The area is also home to many lakes, reservoirs, and rivers for fishing, boating, or kayaking. Check them out!

  • New Melones Lake
  • New Hogan Lake
  • Lake Tulloch
  • Lake Alpine
  • Pardi Dam
  • Camanche Reservoir
  • Utica Reservoir
  • Spicer Reservoir

So, in Calaveras County, you can enjoy your favorite outdoor hobbies or pick up a new one. Either way, there are plenty of natural offerings in the area.

Famous American History

Calaveras County has a deep history in the California gold rush. For an in depth history, check out one of the history museums in town. Calaveras County also has a unique history with a famous American author. In 1865, Mark Twain had his first writing success with the story titled, “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County.” The story went on to launch the well known career of Twain that we all know today. You will find numerous references around the county to Mark and the time he spent here. 

Now every third weekend in May, the people of Calaveras County still celebrate this story and its tradition with the annual Calaveras County Fair and Jumping Frog Jubilee. We recommend all our new buyers and residents take part in this community event. Anyone can go on the big stage and jump a frog and it’s a ton of fun. And it gives you great bragging rights to share with all your friends and family on the adventures you are having in your new home town. Be sure to check it out!

A Perfect Mix

Something special about Calaveras County is the unique blend it offers. Are you interested in an older, historic home? Or would you rather settle in a newly constructed home in a gated community? Perhaps on the golf course? Maybe you yearn for acreage and privacy in a more rural environment. What about the blend of city and rural? Calaveras County has it all to offer! It has big-city amenities while still offering a quiter, simpler lifestyle. Calaveras County really does have it all!

Family Fun in Calaveras County

Not only is Calaveras County beautiful with lots to offer, it also a great place to raise a family! Calaveras offers quality education through its school system. Parents’ involvement is very high and the laid-back lifestyle offers kids a chance to be kids and grow up and thrive. The area has intramural sports and there are also plenty of activities for families to enjoy together such as fishing, camping, hiking and skiing – just to name a few! You will enjoy raising your family in Calaveras County!

Location, Location, Location

Calaveras County is located in Central California, approximately two hours east of San Francisco and less than two hours south of Sacramento. It offers peace and tranquility, while having close proximity to some of California’s major cities. Without a doubt, this area has a lot to offer its residents. If you’re thinking about buying a house  in Calaveras County, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Shelby and Sarah French. We would love to help you find your dream home in Calaveras County, the county we adore and call home!

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