Why You Should Call Mokelumne Hill, California Home

Small but mighty, Mokelumne Hill is one of Gold County’s best-kept secrets. Referred to as “Moke Hill” by the locals, this small town has lots to offer its residents. If you’re searching for a permanent big city escape with loads of charm, we have just the place for you! At Team French, we believe you are going to love this sweet California town. Here are some of the many reasons why you should call Mokelumne Hill, California home.

Quaint, Small Town Living in Mokelumne Hill, California

Endless traffic, crowds, and noise: a few things you won’t find in Mokelumne Hill. Leave the big city chaos behind. Moke Hill offers an escape from the vices of the big cities. You can, however, take the short one-hour drive to Sacramento or two-hour drive to San Francisco and San Jose when you need. Small town living with big city access is the perfect combination for a new home. 

Rich History in Mokelumne Hill, California

The history of Mokelumne Hill is deep, rich, and wonderfully evident in town. The quaint preserved buildings on Main Street harken visitors back to exciting times when gold fever was at its height.

At the top of the list is the Hotel Léger, one of the few remaining Gold Rush-era hotels still in operation. And for residents, it’s now a local gathering spot. With a beautiful, rich history you’ll look forward to showing off your new home to visitors. 

Rural Land Ownership Opportunities in Mokelumne Hill, California

Owning any expanse of land is not a possibility for many parts of the state due to costs and housing needs. However, Mokelumne Hill has this amenity to offer. Rural land ownership comes along with many benefits. 

For example, no more homeowners associations, loud neighbors, or being cramped. Instead, enjoy freedom, privacy, and wide-open spaces. Find your new home in Mokelumne Hill for these rural land ownership amenities.

Affordable Housing in Mokelumne Hill, California

California housing prices have historically been some of the highest nationwide. The last few years have increased home prices even more. Fortunately, for those looking to call Mokelumne Hill home, the cost of purchasing is much lower than the surrounding big cities. Get a great home at an affordable price in Mokelumne Hill.

Close Knit Community in Mokelumne Hill, California

Just as lovely as the scenery in the area, are the people of Moke Hill. When you call Mokelumne Hill your home, you get with it people who will get to know you and truly care for you. Walking around town you will see faces you recognize and experience true kindness. Your new neighbors will be eager to welcome you and help you however they can. You will be glad to be a part of the close-knit community of Mokelumne Hill.

There are many reasons why you should call Mokelumne Hill, California home. If you’re ready to make the move, let Team French help! As your guide to Gold Country living, we can work with you to find the perfect home in this special and beautiful small town. Contact us today to get started!

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